About us

We are specializing in the Italian luxury fashion b2b business more than a decade. We can provide professional know-how to all levels of distribution & marketing aspects to companies or individual worldwide.  

Ifsmilano.com is an online B2B platform that provides a number of services toItalian fashion brands distributors, wholesalers and retailers who want to have a direct contact with fashion designers. Ifsmilano.com is now offering a wide range of Italian fashion and luxury goods among the seasonal collections. We guarantees the 100% authenticity of the goods

To explain how IFS MILANO LLC is able to offer their services, the company spokesperson said: “We are in contact with the best fashion Suppliers’ companies around the world. With years of experience in the Italian fashion industry, we are able to provide you the best-selected Italian companies that will considerably help you to reach your commercial objectives. We offer consultancy and operational services for all companies and entrepreneurs to face the complex world of Italian fashion industry.”

The arrival of the fall season will mark the change of fashion in accordance to the change in weather and the current trends; Italian fashion has always been in the forefront of all things fashion. Ifsmilano.com does its part as an Italian fashion brands wholesaler and agent bridging the gap between the best-selected Italian companies to businesses in the U.S. which are looking reach their commercial objectives by becoming a part of the Italian fashion and luxury goods which are highly desired, loved and appreciated by the consumers. Furthermore the company appreciates the importance of offering only genuine products; they guarantee authentic brands and have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that inferior commercial imitations or even dangerous counterfeits are avoided. Maintaining a good reputation is an imperative part of doing business and the company leverages its experiences and the knowledge of the market to make sure their meet the highest standards of quality in terms of the services they endeavor to provide their esteemed clients.

IFS MILANO LLC hard earned position in the market allows them to transfer priority access to special, highly valuable commercial conditions and opportunities to the businesses they work with.

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